Fruit of the Spirit Bible Unit


FRUIT OF THE SPIRIT BIBLE UNIT This resource is perfect for teaching little learners the Fruit of the Spirit. Ten weeks of instruction are included to help you learners apply each fruit to their own lives. You can find these activities in the Bible Resources Little Learners Bundle.
THIS RESOURCE INCLUDES Unit Outline: Week 1: Overview Week 2: Love Week 3: Joy Week 4: Peace Week 5: Patience Week 6: Kindness Week 7: Goodness Week 8: Faithfulness Week 9: Gentleness Week 10: Self Control EACH UNIT INCLUDES Objective Each lesson includes a learning objective and Bible verse to reinforce through the unit of study. Opening Open the lesson(s) with a memory verse song and memory verse card that can be sung and recited together. Whole Group Each lesson includes a book that may be read aloud to teach the lesson objective. The read aloud includes an activity to follow up and apply the concept in a way learners can relate to. Learning Resources Resources are available to extend the learning objective. These resources are included to reinforce the concepts being taught. A song is also included for all the learners to see the relevance of the objective in their own lives. Small Groups/Center An activity is provided to allow learners to review the objective through a small group activity or center. Use these at the beginning of future classes or during morning work in the classroom. This activity can also be used to reteach the objective in a new way. Craft A craft idea is available to supplement the lesson instruction. This provided learners with a method of sharing the objective with their family at home. Independent This activity can be sent home for extra practice or be used if there is extra time after the lesson. A memory verse page is provided for this unit to allow learners to read and write God’s word and create a bracelet to wear after the lesson. Coloring pages are available for each lesson with the verse and objective of the lesson.