Positional Words: Math Activity Pack


In this unit, this pack includes everything you need for an entire unit. This pack includes whole group, small groups and independent resources. These resources can be used for introducing, teaching, reviewing and assessing positional words. In this unit, lesson plans with mini-lessons, center activities and an interactive page are available for each week of instruction.

Positional Words included in the pack are…

In front/Behind

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Learning Resources

Lesson Plans:
First, follow these lesson plans or use the ideas to supplement your curriculum. There are 3 weeks or 15 lesson plan ideas to cover positional words.

Vocabulary Cards
Also, print the vocabulary cards and introduce the definitions and sentences throughout the unit. Positional words are illustrated and an example sentence is provided

Lesson Plans

Positional Word Poems
In addition, use the as you introduce each set of positional words. Poems can also be sung to the tune of ‘London Bridge’ and hand movements can be added if desired.

Storytelling Lesson
Each week of instruction includes a storytelling lesson. This lesson is included to introduce your learners to a real-life situation that involves positional words. Use the materials listed in the description and have your learners help you solve the problem. Lessons include a positional word chart, missing book hunt and positional word scrapbook.

Positional Word Lessons
Three sets of positional words are introduced each week. Introduce learners to the vocabulary cards and poem each day after reading the text from the lesson plans. Learners may then draw a picture for each of the positional words. After the unit is completed compile each children illustrations into their own positional word book.

Make a Snowman
Read the book The Most Perfect Snowman. Create a snowman together in the classroom and then have learners follow the directions on the printable to create their own snowman.

Interactive Book
Read the book Where’s That Bone?. Have learners create their own interactive book to practice their positional words. Glue or staple the book into each learners interactive notebook.

Penguin Chart
Read the book Be Brave Little Penguin. Work together to create the images to match each sentence on a pocket chart or chart paper.

Learning Centers

Math Center | Positional Pencil
Have learners place the pencil around the room as it is described on the card.

Math Center | Positional Sort
Have learners sort the pictures onto the correct word mat. Words included are inside, outside, over, under, on, top, middle and bottom.

Math Center | Positional Matching
Have learners match the picture that goes with each sentence.

Math Center | Positional Sort
Have learners sort the pictures onto the correct word mat. Words included are above, below, before, after, between and behind.

Math Center | Positional Clip Cards
Have learners put a clothespin on the word described in each picture.

Math Center | Positional Sort
Have learners sort the pictures onto the correct word mat. Words included are in front, behind, near, far, left and right.


Common Core State Standards


Describe objects in the environment using names of shapes, and describe the relative positions of these objects using terms such as above, below, beside, in front of, behind, and next to.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills


Force, motion, and energy. The student knows that energy, force, and motion are related and are a part of their everyday life. The student is expected to: observe and describe the location of an object in relation to another such as above, below, behind, in front of, and beside


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