Writer's Workshop: Getting Started Pack




Run a well organized Writer’s Workshop with Writer’s Workshop: Getting Started.  Everything you need to have a successful writer’s workshop is all in one place!

This Pack Includes:

Stages of Writing Chart
Use clips to have the students show what stage of writing they are currently working on. This also allows you to easily monitor what students need.

HELP! and Author’s Chair Chart
Have the students move their clip to these charts, as needed. You may then conference with students that need assistance and know when students are ready to share their writing.

Writing Checklist/Rubric
Have students use these pages as they begin a new story (they may stamp the date on this page). This will allow you to take writing grades and help the students know they completed their best work. There are 2 levels and 1 editable version available.

Prewriting Pages
These pages are coded to match the Pre-writing section on the Stages of Writing chart (clipart on bottom right corner). Have the students complete a prewriting page for every writing project.

Draft Pages
These pages are coded to match the Draft section on the Stages of writing chart (clipart on bottom right corner). Have the students choose a writing paper that best meets the needs of their writing project. *Staple the checklist, prewriting and draft pages together before sharing/publishing.*

Writing Posters
Print these posters for the Writing Station, place in each child’s folder and your teacher binder, etc.

Publishing Pages
Type each student’s writing into the EDITABLE book pages. Print and have the students illustrate. Have parent volunteers come in once a week to “publish” books if desired.

Writing Station Labels
Use these labels to designate various drawers, containers or files in your writing station.

Student Labels
Edit these labels to place on your students’ writing folders, binders, notebooks, etc.

Teacher Binder Cover
Use this cover and the following resources to monitor student progress, collect data, organize writing time and much more!

Writing Skills
Use this divider and the following pages to stay on track with TEKS/CCSS that have been taught, assessed and those needing intervention.

Anecdotal Notes
Use this divider and the following pages to make a quick note on a post-it (a staple in Writer’s Workshop) or on a student’s individual page.

Student Data
Use this divider and the following pages for progress monitoring and data collection during writing conferences.

Peer Groups
Use this divider and the following pages to monitor peer groups, keep track of students that need to practice the same skill and collect data when you meet with a small group.

Progress Calendar
Use this calendar to keep track of when you meet with a Peer Group (PG), have a Teacher Conference (TC) or when a student shares in Author’s Chair (AC).

Writing Calendar
Use this calendar to keep track of skills you have taught during Writer’s Workshop during a Mini-Lesson (ML), as a Focus Point (FP) and students that have Published (Pub.) their writing.

Blank Calendar
Customize this calendar to meet any other needs you have in your Writer’s Workshop program.

These resources are created to enhance the success of your Writer’s Workshop and writing curriculum. It is essential that you spend the first couple of weeks teaching your students how to use the Writing Station in your room and procedures of your workshop. Your students will be able to focus on growing as writers when they have organized and structured Writer’s Workshop procedures in place. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions!



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